Supporting Catholic Home Education

Dear Families,

Tessa O'Shea is organizing a curated tour of the La Habra Children's Museum.

Please look 
online  for information about tours and the museum in general. It is designed for younger children, but have a look to see if it would interest your kiddies. To see specifically about tours, go to "Visit" then "Field trip".

The museum suggests that the trip is suitable for Nursery to 6th grade. It is definitely a kids' museum. Babies and under 2s count for our head count, but will not be charged entry.

The tour will last 1 1/2 hours. The docent will introduce us to five different rooms and we will have 15 minutes to play in each. After the tour we are out of the door.

Tessa will collect money beforehand because she has to pay a deposit and then pay with one check on the day.

Our limit is 35 bodies, adults or children, at $6 each (Except under2s who are free), so let her know if you can come.

Refunds will depend on Tessa being able to find other people to take the spaces.
Please respond with numbers and ages of students. Include numbers of adults and babies.

Field Trip

 February 23 @ 11:00 a.m.  

$6.00 per person (ages 2+)

Only 35 spaces open!